Hi, I’m Edda.

I am the director of Undress Runways; a fashion runway show that showcases the best in Australian sustainable fashion.

We’re about creating a social shift in society; educating and inspiring people to choose ethical and environmentally friendly clothes. It started four years ago when I discovered sustainable fashion. I saw local designers were doing great things, with very little support. So Undress Brisbane was born. The runway showcases a collection of sustainable day-wear, evening wear, swimwear and lingerie from designers around Australia.

We bring the clothes to one location, for one night every year, in a huge runway show. Think organic fabrics, garments dyed with tumeric and red wine, zero-waste collections, ethically produced garments, recycled accessories, bamboo underwear and much more.

We’re in 3 cities around Australia; Brisbane, Melbourne and the Gold Coast.

At Undress Runways we believe that if you don’t know how it was made, where it came from or where it will end up, take it off! My vision is to see a world where we, the consumers of fashion, use our dollar to vote for a sustainable fashion industry. An industry that treats our fellow human beings as worthy individuals and looks after our Earth, because we only have one.


Reach me at:

+61 423 345 136




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