#bowtie for branson

On the 10th of April, I set out to raise awareness for sustainable fashion. I came up with a campaign to get Richard Branson to sport a 100% recycled bow-tie during his visit to Brisbane on the 9th of May.

This is how it started

The 100% recycled bow-tie is Undress Brisbane’s symbol for sustainable fashion. We believe in looking good, sustainably.

30 days, 30 tasks.

The campaign consisted of a daily ‘Branson-inspired’ task. These tasks were performed by myself, such as going kite-surfing (Sir Richard’s favourite sport), making Shepard’s Pie (Sir Richard’s favourite dinner) and shedding light on climate change (view video here).

You can view all the tasks, along with videos and pictures, here.

bannerphotoof RICH_BW_crop

The campaign was a success! On the 9th of May, at 9:30am, I met Sir Richard. We had a mini photoshoot with the ‘Virgin-inspired’ bow-tie. Sir Richard looked dashing!


The recycled bow-tie is made from material off-cuts and old event decorations. To make a recycled bow-tie, watch this video. 

The Results
1. Across  7 social media channels (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Youtube, Tumblr, Pinterest and www.bowtieforbranson.com)

  • Made over 60,000 impressions on followers
  • Had a viral reach of over 15,000 people

2. We launched an online recycled bow-tie store.

3. Published by MX, Spotting Street and Scenestr.

Article in Scenestr: http://scenestr.com.au/lifestyle/fashion/fashion-brisbane/bowtie-for-branson
Article in Spotting Street: http://www.spottingstreet.com/2013/04/bransons-bow-tie.html


This is how it finished

To explore the campaign in full, visit www.bowtieforbranson.com



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