Two:bob #melbourne

Two:bob (Fitzroy North)

I wake up with a craving for that mushy green fruit. My (great) friend Jo is proving to be quite the Melbourne host, we’re off to Two Bob.

Atmosphere: We score a table outside – where I get a proper taste of Melbourne weather. I spent the next two hours undressing and redressing myself as the weather continued to change its mind.

Avo smash: A refreshingly different approach. There was very little avocado. It was more of a generous application of avocado “spread” – rather than the usual avocado explosion. My heart sunk… but the Two Bob creation made up serious ground. They introduced a bunch of red onion to the dish and lots of herbs. Together with sweet cherry tomatoes and a super grainy bread, it came together really well! I would have been a great ‘light snack’ meal (they did have the option of 1 or 2 pieces on the menu) – but didn’t quite satisfy my avo cravings. I ordered a side of haloumi – tasty.

Overall experience: 7.5/10




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