Penny Farthing #Melbourne

Penny Farthing (Northcote)

11am, Saturday morning. I’m in Melbourne visiting my friend Jo. Grab my glasses off the side table and notice an empty tub of ice-cream. Did I demolish…? Jo confirms. Whoops. My head was in no place to search for my next avo smash. Luckily, Jo had her next recommendation lined up – Penny Farthing.

Atmosphere: A delightfully quirky cafe where you think, “they’ve really nailed this cafe thing”. The waiters know that 90% of their patrons are hungover – and cater to it. Lots of water, lots of coffee, lots of patience.

Avo smash: Oh, boy! Avo to feta ratio is good – could have popped another cube of feta in there though. The bread was quite bready, but thanks to their investment in steak knives, I managed to slice my way to happy times. The dish is served with a side of chillis – in chilli oil. Mind blowing. Nothing refreshes you more on a seedy Saturday morning than infusing your avo mash with chili. It lacked the basil and mint that was promised on the menu but I was too occupied with my chilli discovery to care. This was delicious – and dare I say it cured a mighty hangover.

Overall experience: 9/10

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