Manchester Press #melbourne

Manchester Press (Melbourne CBD)

On my last day in Melbourne I put a famous Urbanspoon avo smash to the test: The Avo Smash Bagel at Manchester Press. Located in the neighbouring lane-way to The Little Mule, this cafe had great coffee and a fun menu to go with it – full of bagels!

If the Little Mule had a loud and vibrant big sister, this was it. A happening place. Waiters oozed warm fuzzy feelings. I sat next to a couple of intelligent architects who discussed intelligent topics and spoke of intelligent people. Don’t get me wrong, this is no hot-spot for the up-tight swankadelics. Just a refreshing conversation to eavesdrop on, compared to the popular ‘so… what happened last night?’.

Avo smash. Visually mind-blowing. I’m feeling positive. Serving size is H-UGE. Both avocado and bagels are very filling ingredients. The avo to feta ratio was perfect. They provided me with a steak knife – legends. There was a hint of red onion throughout, which I appreciated immensely. It was topped with pine nuts – which would have tasted better toasted. First avo smash that didn’t have lemon on the side. I’m sure they aren’t rookies but … rookie error. Apparently there was chilli in there but I think it was drowned out by the avocado. Overall, it lacked a ‘breakthrough’ flavour but it certainly delivered on the avocado side of things. The presentation was the best I’ve seen so far.





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