The Avocado Advocate

Avocado Smash, a classic breakfast option.

What sparked my affair with mushy avocado? I was working at Vroom in New Farm (Brisbane) and served customers a dish called ‘Avocado and Feta’. It’s a mighty mound of avocado and feta on sourdough toast with a side of mushrooms.

It was a brilliantly titled menu option as customer expected something not quite as good as ‘eggs on toast’, but slightly better than ‘vegemite on toast’. How good can avocado on toast be? So good. To the point where customers gasp at the sight of their ‘Avocado and Feta’. The mound of avocado in front of them is way beyond their wildest avocado dreams. Marketing 101: exceed customer expectations. Check.

When I finally found the time to sit down at Vroom and consume this avocado masterpiece, I was hooked. Number one fan. A true avocado advocate.


I started to venture outside my avocado home-ground and tried a few other cafes – all with a slightly different take on the dish. Some terrible – classic restaurant mistake is to serve ‘Avocado Smash’, unsmashed. And to serve it on bread that is un-cuttable. If you insist on serving chewy bread, hand me a steak knife. Marketing 101: Make sure the product is accessible to the customer.


As my avocado adventures started to unfold, I suddenly realised that this wasn’t the first time mushy avocado and I had met. Hola guacamole! I went to Mexico for 3 weeks in 2012 and I lived on a diet of guacamole and tequila. Is avo smash just glorified guacamole? Am I having a guacamole relapse? Has my Mexican guacamole just been re-born through the famous avo smash? While in Mexico, my friends and I used to make our own guacamole: avocado, red onion, garlic, chilli, lime juice, coriander, salt and pepper. Can avo smash and guacamole be enjoyed in the same ways? Or does guacamole for breakfast go against the grain?

BRE154474 E

In the coming weeks I will be recommending Avo Smash cafes and restaurants around Australia. Anything above a 6/10 is worth trying. I am yet to find a 10/10, I suspect it might be the avo smash I eventually conjure up at home. I will be releasing my at-home collection later this year. There are a lot of good flavours out there but they can’t all be smooshed into one almighty avo smash… or can they?


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